Skaus is a nomadic art project, a hosting and occupying platform. It’s existence relies on continual change and therefore its conditions are irreproducible. The project is accumulative by nature. It is a support structure that instigates encounters between sites, artists, institutions, social infrastructures and the audience.  
Skaus embodies all previous contributions and represents an ever-changing multi-authored artwork that is not geographically anchored. We explore different forms of collaboration, working towards an informal and shared authorship. The intention is to draw lines of flight, accumulating and molding works, opening up narratives.
Skaus is instigated by Norwegian artists Håvard Sagen, Mari Kolbeinson and Markus Bråten.
The word Skaus comes from an ancient dish that was made in a large pot placed over the fire in a central location in the home. The pot was never cleaned nor completely emptied. Every day new ingredients were added to the existing content, boiled and served in an endless cycle. The skaus recipe traveled with sailors and spread across Europe and beyond.