Skaus is a hosting and occupying platform. It is a support structure that instigates encounters between sites, artists, institutions, social infrastructures and the audience.

In this pilot, a parallel exhibition takes place at Rogaland Kunstsenter and at a development lot next to TOU. These two sites are linked together by one body, a structure in two versions, which will evolve in different directions during the exhibition period. Through several project phases, a number of artists and artist collectives are invited to work site-specific and independently act upon the given structures and artistic conditions that have emerged in the space (RKS) and on-site (TOU).

The intention is to draw lines of flight, moulding and accumulating works, and open up narratives. The aim is to explore different forms of collaboration, working towards an informal and shared authorship. Continual change is an intrinsic part of the project, which takes form as an endless exhibition that will move to other sites and form new configurations.